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U.S. Aid to Palestinians

Now that Palestine has submitted its application to be a full member state of the UN, Congress is making good on its threat to sanction Palestinians for seeking their freedom and self-determination. Learn more about U.S. aid to Palestinians and take action to prevent the United States from imposing sanctions.

Take Action: Tell Congress to Sanction Israel, Not Palestinians
Write a letter to your Members of Congress telling them not to sanction Palestinians for seeking freedom and self-determination, but to sanction Israel for denying these Palestinian rights.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on U.S. Aid to Palestinians
Learn more about the US Campaign's position on sanctioning Palestinians and on U.S. aid to Palestinians.
Learn More about U.S. Aid to Palestinians
Check out our slide show and interactive database to learn more about what U.S. aid to Palestinians funds.
Learn More about the Proposed Sanctions
Learn more about U.S. sanctions enacted and proposed against Palestinians for seeking UN membership.
Learn More in Our Resource Guide
Learn more about U.S. aid to Palestinians in our resource guide, with links to governmental and NGO reports, news articles, and analytical pieces.