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Stop the Jewish National Fund

Since its founding in 1901, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been committed to acquiring and developing land for use only by Jews in Palestine/Israel. It has played a key role in the ongoing colonization and displacement of Palestinians from their land and helping hide Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians through building forests and parks.

The JNF enjoys tax-exempt status as a charitable organization in 50 countries, including in the United States all 50 U.S. states, even though the reality of its work- supporting the ongoing Nakba, Israelís ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine- is anything but charitable.

The Stop the JNF Campaign, organized by member group International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and sponsored by member group Middle East Children's Alliance and US Palestinian Community Network, works to revoke the JNF's charitable status.

Sign this petition to the IRS asking them to investigate the charity status of the JNF

See below for information about taking action targeting the JNF. 

Stop the JNF Online Briefing
March 18th, 2014
Recording of briefing about the campaign and how people can get involved.
Stop the JNF Campaign
Since 2009 the Stop the JNF Campaign has been working to educate people about the impact the JNF has on Palestinians and revoke its charitable status. Their website has information about how you can get involved.
Fallen Donors
Testimonies from donors who are renouncing their role and involvement in the JNF.
Enduring Roots: Over a Century of Resistance to the JNF
This 40-minute documentary chronicles stories of al-Nakba survivors, interviews with their descendants about their right of return, and current and growing resistance to the ongoing colonization of Palestine by the JNF.
Greenwashing Apartheid: The Jewish National Fund's Environmental Cover Up
May 15th, 2011
The goal of this eBook is to show how Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid are served by and depend on the environmental racism and destructiveness of the JNF.